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How Viking Gas Grills Work?

The way Viking outdoor grill works is really interesting and out of the ordinary. It combines both the advanced infrared technology and closed (completely sealed) cooking area for maximum heat retention and distribution.

Unlike what happens with most budget gas grills, when your grilled steak has a very high chance of overheat and burned outs or flare-ups, due to direct contact with hot and unstable fire flame, Viking's heavy duty stainless plates provide more even temperature across whole surface area, while also indirectly heating up the food with its red wave length light, radiating from the plate itself. This is especially true if you grill with this brand's uniquely designed TruSear infrared burner rotisserie.

In addition, the perforated design also allows the temperature to spread out faster and more efficiently. Combined with enclosed insulation hood distinctive to Viking's brand name, your barbecue is grilled almost similar to how smokers work.

The combination of the three: infrared heating, insulated grilling area and drip trays is how Viking gas grill infuses flavorful smokes into every fiber of the barbeque meat and keeps it healthy by wiping away the harmful fat greases.

Advantages of Viking Outdoor Gas Grills

  1. Fast and Even Heating: the infrared cooking technology heats the porcelain coated grill plate instead of directly into food. These advanced heating systems allows to achieve very hot temperature in short space of time, usually reaching several hundreds of Fahrenheit within 5-10 minutes of turning on.
  2. Complete Rotisserie Kit: The special 15,000 Gourmet-Glo infrared burner found in T-series comes with ball-bearing mounted rotisserie and other parts like, motor, stainless rod and 2 rotisserie forks for convenient roasting of turkey or chicken fillets like.
  3. Precise Cooking Control: the built in canopy thermometers in Viking E-series give your total control over cooking, grilling or even smoking temperature to get perfectly cooked barbecues.
  4. Added Convenience: Viking bbq grills come with separate smoker boxes which helps to save space and give you more grilling room while still being able to do meat smoking at the same time.
  5. Tasty and Flavorful Barbecues: what customers like most about smoker boxes is the Flavor Generator unique to Viking line of outdoor grills. This helps turning the dripping from grilling into smoke to infuse the flavor into meat.
  6. Healthier Meat with Less Fat: the drip collector unit which nicely catches all the extra fat and grease from grilled meat, especially when you cook high cholesterol food like beef steaks, burger or chicken nuggets.
  7. Complete Package: if you installed the whole set of Viking built in gas grill Range, you will definitely get to enjoy the convenience of having ovens and cook stoves right beside the grill burners.
  8. Great for Multi-Course Cookouts: larger capacity built in warming drawers allows you to keep food warm while moving onto to next course of meat or prepare other dishes.
  9. Easy Cleaning: the porcelain coated grill grates can be cleaned with just wet sponge.
  10. Durable and Elegant Design: heavy duty stainless steel design is perhaps one of the best and most praised features as reported by Viking's customers. This finished is found across most Viking outdoor appliance products. The look is simple and yet elegant for professional kitchens at homes, restaurants or bars, making it a perfect choice for many buyers, who are looking for something to fit in well with their interior design.

Disadvantages of Viking Gas Grills

Though there are not many Viking consumer reports or complaints to be found online, here is what we have spotted so far:

  • Repair happened for many owners within the first year. Some have even reported that their Viking outdoor grills broke down after 3 years of use - not something you would expect from the line of premium bbq grillers that cost in the price range of $3000 and well beyond.
  • Many say, that compared to natural gas grill Weber Summit series - which usually last for 10 years or more, they never had any major breakage that had to be called for repair service.
  • Customer service is not supportive nor do they help to improve situation or fix problems. Customers are often left without much help if their Viking gas grill product is over 1 year (the warranty only covers 1 year from initial purchase). Some people say that Viking customer support simply don't care.

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