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2011-2012 Unbiased Ratings on Best Gas, Charcoal or Electric Grills

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And if you're unsure of what types of fuel to buy, just follow simple and easy to follow guides on choosing the best charcoal, electric BBQ and gas grill reviews of the year to the right. We have done extensive research to help you make an informed purchase decision.

You'll also find information on choosing between various grill models based on their functionality and use. Whether you need professionally cooking outdoor gas grills for Friday parties, weekends or holidays occasions with juicy delicious grilled steaks; or just portable gas grills for outdoor travels, there is always something for you to choose from.

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How to Choose What Grill to Buy?

While gas barbeque grills are great for making steaks, they might not be as good compared to the best charcoal grills - smokers when you need richly flavored smoked meat or fish dishes. In other occasions, you might not have the space or patio set ups to accommodate the smoky dusts that are usually the results of burning coals. In that case an indoor or outdoor electric grill is much more appropriate.

So knowing exactly what and how you plan on grilling and your demographic circumstances is the first step towards making good grill purchase decision.

While there are plenty of great indoor and outdoor barbeque grills to choose from, your best pick happens when you know the level of use vs. budget you can afford. The list of best gas grill reviews, along with other types of electric and charcoal (including barbeque smokers) versions found on this will help you buy with confidence.

Smoker & Grill Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guides Sorted by Type of Fuels

Gas BBQ Grills
Learn about different types of barbeque gas grills and how they fit into your grilling need. From propane to natural gas and even infrared grills, we have it all covered. Also check out thesse best stainless steel gas grills for under $500 if you are hunting for holiday bargains.

Charcoal Smokers
Many people simply prefer charcoal over gas because the smoked flavor meat can not be replicated with other types of fuel base. Find out more about different charcoal smoker - grill models; their health effects; should you buy cast iron charcoal grill or stainless steel varieties; and learn about commercial charcoal grills if you plan to start a new business.

Electric BBQ Grills
Electricity can be a great choice for barbecue lovers who want easy to use indoor electric grill that can make steaks, meat, fish and vegetables in matter of minutes. They come in two types - clamshell contact and open grills with single side heat element.

Electric Smokers
Over the years, electric bbq smokers have become very popular amongst entry level barbecue lovers as great meat-indoor smoker alternatives to traditional grilling and smoking with charcoal or gas burners.

Outdoor Gas Grills Guide
Summertime invites a variety of activities and one of them is firing up the outdoor bbq grill in your backyard and enjoying the scrumptious barbeques. Read this consumer guide to find out more about outdoor grills and how to choose the right item for you and your family or friends.

Outdoor Electric Grills
The Benefits, Drawbacks, Maintenance and Price Range

It is no secret electrical alternatives to gas fuel have become increasingly popular options for convenient and clean cooking experience. A portable electric grill for patio settings is marketed towards individuals who do not want to buy, store, or mess with charcoal, propane...

Aussie Gas Grills - The Affordable Australian Grill Brand
Buyers who are interested in functional, capable, and affordable products should look into Aussie grills. Aussie has developed a reputation for basic units that work.